Faith Formation


Sacramental programs – Year 2 Reconciliation, Year 3 First Eucharist, Year 6 Confirmation.
Our sacramental programs are taught through the RE curriculum and in conjunction with the Parish Priest.


Student Reflection Days – Students participate in reflection days during or after the sacramental program. These days can include the Parish Priest and involve prayer, reflection tasks and oral discussions.


Spirituality Day – Staff participate in one Spirituality Day a year which provides an opportunity for staff to strengthen their relationship with their faith and continue to develop their professional knowledge about our Catholic faith. These are presented by the Parish Priest, CEDWW, REC or an external organisation.


Connections – Staff retreats are offered annually. The retreats focus on a particular area each year.

Prayer and Liturgy

School and Class Masses – Students participate in whole school and class Masses regularly. Each class has the opportunity throughout the year to lead the Mass. Our school choir also sings at school Masses.


Reconciliation – Each Year 3 – Year 6 class participates in Reconciliation each term.


Feast Days – Special feast days are celebrated throughout the year with liturgies and activities.


Liturgies – Liturgies are a special prayer service that represents other special events throughout the year such as Grandparents Day, NAIDOC, ANZAC Day.

RE Curriculum

Wonder and Awe Pedagogy Teaching Practice – Provides RE lessons that are engaging and thought provoking with quality resources to develop a deep understanding of our Catholic faith. There is an opportunity for the students to choose from a variety of activities that meet their individual learning styles and promote higher order thinking.