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Whole school assemblies are held each Friday at 2:45 p.m. where weekly awards are distributed to recognise the efforts the children have displayed during the week. At assemblies, students sing the Australian National Anthem and proudly recognise their heritage.

Sun Smart Policy

St Joseph’s Primary School children are required to wear the school broad-brimmed hat during terms one, two, three and four. The school has a policy of “no hat no play” which requires children without hats to sit out of play in the shade of the school verandah to protect them from the sun.

Supervision of Students

Supervision of students begins at 8:30am and finishes when the final bus leaves the school at 3:50pm.


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Reporting Student Progress

Written student progress reports are provided twice each year at the end of June and December.

Parents have the opportunity to attend a parent/teacher conversation during Term 1, as well as 3-way conversations during Term 3, which are scheduled after the distribution of the written report at the end of Term 2. Additionally, parents can arrange for interviews with teachers upon request.

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